Halloween 2018 Music Recap

Halloween 2018 Music Recap

Halloween this year seemed more like Christmas with a LOT of unnannounced singles and EP releases, music video premiers, studio and album announcements and tour kickoffs. Here is a list of some of the things that went down!

Slipknot releases first single in 4 years with a huge reception


Slipknot’s front man Corey Taylor posted on Instagram a selfie with the phrase “It’s coming”. I dismissed it as everyone knows about the new album and tour plans for next year. I open my YouTube and see a new single. No warning or announcement, or as I and others have called it, a rogue release. That adrenaline rush came down my spine as I listened to this motherfucker of a song. Slipknot has been missing from the scene, and I am so glad this is now remedied.

The song “All Out Life” is thunderous, catchy, and Taylor just kills it on the vocals. The quality is top notch. This track is hallmark Slipknot, but after 4 years it was breath of fresh air. Given that as of this writing, about 36 hours or so removed from the premiere, there are over 3 million hits on the music video (which is also sick) shows I am obviously not alone on that.

King Diamond announces new Live video release “Songs Of The Dead LIVE”

Metal Blade announced a new King Diamond live video called “Songs For The Dead LIVE”. Nothing else was announced regarding this, but it’s definitely something worth keeping an eye on if the new trailer is any indication!

Trailer for King Diamond "Songs for the Dead Live". More info coming soon!

Windhand releases an official video for “Red Cloud”

Another pleasant surprise was the premier of Windhand’s new video for “Red Cloud”. This was just amazing in so many aspects, from the hokey vintage cult film acting to the cinematography. It represented the song, the band, and the theme of their sub-genre very well. I highly recommend you give it a watch. Besides, it’s a badass song.

Axeslasher releases new single

Thrashers Axeslasher released their first single in 2 years with the track “Night Of The Shears”. This track is brutal, furious and sounds good quality-wise. It shows that the band hasn’t missed a step. The vocals are thrash style screaming, but very well controlled to blend in perfectly with the musical assault. The guys pull this off like pros.

Pretty Addicted releases new video for “panic demon”

On the electronic side of the scene, electro-punk mainstay Pretty Addicted released a new video for the song “Panic Demon” from the 2017 LP The Magic Of A Lunatic. Led by Vicious Precious, Pretty Addicted is known for their candid, shock value antics. Their music videos are a very dark representation of this. “Panic Demon” is no different in this aspect, but that does not make it any less entertaining.One thing I always like about Pretty Addicted is the psychology of Vicious when it comes to some of the lyrical content. The music itself may be a bit too dance driven or electronic for the average Thrasher, but looking at this with an open mind, the openly insane expression of art is always one that can be respected.

There have been other fun things that happened:

All in all, it was a very Metal driven Samhain as Metalheads worldwide celebrated in many ways. We here at Metalhead World hope you all had a blast and let’s make next year’s festivities even better!

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Metal Music Release Friday: November 2nd, 2018

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