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Alunah - Violet Hour Album Review/Stream [Heavy Psych Sounds 2019]

Birmingham, UK’s Quartet Alunah have come a long way since their demo “Crystal Voyage “back in 2008. After 7 more releases, it seems the band decided to take a different approach after signing onto the growing Heavy Psyche Sounds label. With a bit more of an edge to their songwriting after a lineup change adding Diamonhead guitarist Dean Ashton, they set out to display this new direction for the band with a fresh new album. So how does the new album “Violet Hour” fare?

A Tribute To "Porno Witch" Mary Millington by Devil's Witches

Before Larry Flint and John Holmes and a slew of other vintage names that built the porn industry, there was Mary Millington who was not only an actress, but an advocate who fought for free expression up until her untimely death. Her cause and outgoing personality still inspire people to this day. With a new single “Porno Witch”, just released on the anniversary of her death, the band Devil’s Witches gave us a fitting tribute to one of the true pioneers of adult entertainment.