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Alunah - Violet Hour Album Review/Stream [Heavy Psych Sounds 2019]

Birmingham, UK’s Quartet Alunah have come a long way since their demo “Crystal Voyage “back in 2008. After 7 more releases, it seems the band decided to take a different approach after signing onto the growing Heavy Psyche Sounds label. With a bit more of an edge to their songwriting after a lineup change adding Diamonhead guitarist Dean Ashton, they set out to display this new direction for the band with a fresh new album. So how does the new album “Violet Hour” fare?

GEL Album Review [2019]

Some may know these New Jersey Punkcore natives as Sick Shit, but as GEL, they are ripping through the scene with their old school sound and non-stop shows in Jersey and surrounding areas. New review writer Daniel Gomez gives us his take on the recent release of their self-titled EP!

Monje - Monje Album Review [2018]

Representing Buenos Aries, Argentina, young bloods Monje released their debut self-titled LP, releasing their own fuzz-filled sound into the passionate South American scene. With a summer of shows at the helm for the band, our new writer Ben Ambush fills us in on this 2018 release.

Whitechapel - The Valley Review [Metal Blade Records]

Throughout their illustrious and lengthy career, Whitechapel has garnered quite a large fan base. This time around with the heavily anticipated album, The Valley, Whitechapel goes a little deeper into more relatable things. Our contributor from the UK, James Bailey, gives us a heads up on what to expect from The Valley.