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GEL Album Review [2019]

Some may know these New Jersey Punkcore natives as Sick Shit, but as GEL, they are ripping through the scene with their old school sound and non-stop shows in Jersey and surrounding areas. New review writer Daniel Gomez gives us his take on the recent release of their self-titled EP!

"...A Music Against The Current, A Different Music For Different People..." Forest In Blood Exclusive Interview

French Hardcore mainstays Forest In Blood have been tearing through the scene for over 20 years influencing many acts in the more current Metalcore and Deathcore scene as well as the resurgence of the old school style of Beatdown Hardcore. Bart and Nech took the time to answer a few of our questions about the reunion of their original lineup, their new album Pirates, French politics and more!

"You Never Know What People Are Gonna Think. You Don’t Know If They’ll Love It Or Hate It": Peasant To A King - Senatus EP [Interview + Review/Stream]

Since the recent release of their EP Senatus, Ireland’s Peasant To A King have been gaining some nods within the established music circles. Artists such as Bruce Dickenson gave a thumbs up to the EP and the casual listener reviews have been no different. With both feet on the ground, running into an already fast paced 2019, the band took a moment to talk with us followed by a review of Senatus.