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Alunah - Violet Hour Album Review/Stream [Heavy Psych Sounds 2019]

Birmingham, UK’s Quartet Alunah have come a long way since their demo “Crystal Voyage “back in 2008. After 7 more releases, it seems the band decided to take a different approach after signing onto the growing Heavy Psyche Sounds label. With a bit more of an edge to their songwriting after a lineup change adding Diamonhead guitarist Dean Ashton, they set out to display this new direction for the band with a fresh new album. So how does the new album “Violet Hour” fare?

Exclusive Interview with 1782

1782 recently released their first self-titled full length album after a very fast track rise to notoriety in the Doom Metal scene stemming from their single “She Was A Witch”. Brian Hopson caught up with Marco Nieddu to discuss the new album, their goals [and gear!], the possibility of a tour and more!

Monje - Monje Album Review [2018]

Representing Buenos Aries, Argentina, young bloods Monje released their debut self-titled LP, releasing their own fuzz-filled sound into the passionate South American scene. With a summer of shows at the helm for the band, our new writer Ben Ambush fills us in on this 2018 release.

"...the theme of the Occult thus becomes a sort of 'provocation', and all of this is very Rock 'n' Roll": An Exclusive Interview With 1782

"Since their recent release of their singe “She Was A Witch” new Doom Metal label Electric Valley Records recording artists 1782 have received a lot of attention and acclaim for not only a very Doom-centric track, but their social media campaign with their vintage style of dark art. Our own Brian Hopson sat down with 1782 to discuss where they came from, where they are going, and the impact of the Occult in music."

High N' Heavy - Warrior Queen [Interview / Album Review] (Electric Valley Records)+

Electric Valley Records artists High N’ Heavy are what many categorize a “Stoner” rock or even the growing umbrella of Doom Metal. Whatever genre you decide to call them, they maintain a classic vintage sound that is a reminder of the essential root sound of rock. Today we take a look at High N’ Heavy’s new album Warrior Queen and talk with guitarist John Steele.

Windhand - Eternal Return (Album Review)

“Windhand has had a busy year with a split EP and the awaited release of their fourth full length album “Eternal Return”. The Doom Metal masters wanted to do things a little different this time around, and the final result couldn’t have turned out better…”