Denmark's Deathcore Scene Just Got Bigger! MHW Exclusive Interview With Hanging The Nihilist

Denmark's Deathcore Scene Just Got Bigger! MHW Exclusive Interview With Hanging The Nihilist

Copenhagen’s own Hanging The Nihilist released their debut single “Filth” on the 16th of November, 2018 as well as announcing their debut EP Crow. Metalhead World spoke with the band about who they are, the EP, and honing their craft before unleashing the results.

MHW: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Congratulations on your debut, Filth and the good response in just the week it has been out.

HTN: Thank you, for reaching out and doing this. Stuff like this is what keeps the metal scene interesting, and we are more than happy to answer any questions.

MHW: Seeing as how your band is new to the global scene, let’s get into a little background. HTN was formed in 2016. Can you tell us how the group was formed?

Hanging The Nihilist is: Marc Buch - Vocals, Jon Arent - Guitar, Casper Hollstein - Guitar, Berna Baki - Keys, William Ehlert - Bass, and Emil Juhl - Drums

Hanging The Nihilist is: Marc Buch - Vocals, Jon Arent - Guitar, Casper Hollstein - Guitar, Berna Baki - Keys, William Ehlert - Bass, and Emil Juhl - Drums

HTN: This is actually a very long story, but we’ll try to keep it short.
Way before HTN Jon, Emil and Berna (guitar, drums and keyboard) played together in another band.
However that band split up due to different interests in music. However Jon, Emil and Berna, stayed together and decided to keep playing.
In early 2016 we found our bassist, William, and in mid 2016 we teamed up with Marc on vocals.
With that line-up we wrote Crow, and here in mid 2018 we’ve finally finished the lineup with Casper as our second guitarist.

MHW: How is the metal scene in Copenhagen? It looks like you guys got over rather quickly in the two years you have been together in Denmark’s local scene.

HTN: The metal scene in Copenhagen is a small family. Given that there aren't that many metal bands in Copenhagen, we all know each other in some way or another.
We all love and care for each others music and we support each other.

MHW: HTN has done shows with acts like Everything Is Terrible, Cold Black, and When Waters Runs Deep. Did you learn a lot working with these bands and did it help in formulating your unique style that “Filth” presents? Will the other tracks on the Crow EP showcase a similar style?

HTN: Show wise, we learn a lot from the bands we share the stage with. Most of them have been in the scene since before we started playing as Hanging The Nihilist, so we do our best to note all the tips and tricks we can get.

As for the music itself, we are, and have always been, very focused on being as unique as possible, without losing the sound and feel that we all love so much.
We think that this is portrayed very well on Crow, which is a very diverse EP with 5 very different, yet still complimentary tracks.

MHW: What was the recording experience like? Was it new for any of the members?

HTN: Working with Chris Kreutzfeldt was an absolute pleasure. He is very skillful in being both a musician and producer. He helped in refining the EP in many ways and he pretty much made the HTN sound.

Being in the studio was a completely new experience for all of us, since the only “studio” we had been in beforehand, was Jon’s bedroom.


MHW: With influences such as Angelmaker, A Night In Texas, and Make them Suffer, do you have other influences in other sub-genres such as Black Metal? I thought Cradle Of Filth when I heard ”Filth”, the way the music has that epic storytelling feel, but it sounds way more refined.

HTN: We all have a very broad taste in music and we’re all influenced by our own personal taste. When it comes to black metal, our keyboard player Berna is surely inspired from bands like Cradle of Filth and old Abigail Williams.

MHW: Actually, I have a couple questions for Berna. Being the only female of the band, do you ever receive any different treatment or is it just as equal as the guys?

Berna: As far as that goes I haven't really experienced any different treatment and in a way I am glad that I haven't. We have become really close friends with the guys and I am "one of the boys" which is pretty cool.

MHW: What do you think about women being more accepted now more than ever in the international metal scene?

Berna: I think it is great that it is happening. Since I was a kid I have always had big female idols in this scene such as the vocalists from Nighwish and Arch Enemy, and now seeing that it is becoming more accepted I also become more confident with my music and live performance and way more motivated than before.

MHW: I see you do some great pianowork on youtube doing metal cover songs. What was the inspiration for this creative outlet?


Berna: Some time ago I made a bunch of Make Them Suffer covers which were me playing the piano parts over the song. But in a way that wasn't satisfying enough for me because it did not bring a big challenge. In the mean time I wrote original music which is piano music mixed with orchestral elements reminding of a soundtrack. It so happened that I came with the idea to combine this with making covers and I think it goes great so far and it is defiantelly a huge challenge that keeps me going and motivate

MHW: Crow will be available January 25th. That is a big way to start the new year. After the album’s release is there any kind of tour or string of shows in the plans? What type of goals do you have for 2019?

HTN: We’re currently planning a release concert around January 25th. We’re not quite thinking about touring yet, but who knows what the future will bring?

MHW: If you got to pick ANY 3 bands or artists to join Hanging The Nihilist at a festival, which three bands would you choose and why?

HTN: Humanity’s Last Breath, Aversions Crown and Lorna Shore, because these are some of our favorite bands, which we have followed from the start and think are insanely talented.

MHW: Thanks again for speaking with Metalhead World! It has been a pleasure speaking with you! Is there anything else you would like to add?

HTN: Once again, thank you for reaching out, and for listening to our single, we are happy that you wanted to talk to us.

And thank you, to everyone who heard, liked and shared Filth. We love you all.


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“Filth” is available on most audio streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube Music! Crow will be available on the 25th of January!

Check out Hanging The Nihilist’s other single “Endless Crime”!


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