Top 5 Inspirational Bands Of 2018

Top 5 Inspirational Bands Of 2018

It’s been a heck of a year as far as rock and metal music is concerned. I myself awoke out of my Metal slumber and dove back into the scene and still going deeper, so this list is going to be very special for me. These are not chronological or best to worst, just the top 5 inspirational bands that brought me back into the rock and metal scene in the past year. I would go so far as to say there would be no Metalhead World without these bands. So without further ado…

Top 5 Inspirational Bands Of 2018

  1. Hatebreed

Hatebreed played a big part in 2018. With the bands heavy balls to the wall riffs and Jasta motivating with his anger and frustration, “The Concrete Confessional” showed that Hatebreed can still bring the best out of you if you let them. Through the years they have proven that time and time again as I am sure there are many bodybuilders and other various athletes that swear by the “Hatebreed plan” along with regular Joe Shmoes such as myself.

Official music video for "Seven Enemies" from HATEBREED "The Concrete Confessional" is out now!

Get it at



'THE CONCRETE CONFESSIONAL' is out now via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

2. Rise Of The Northstar

I found out about Rise Of The North Star through a Hatebreed radio playlist when I heard the track “Phoenix”. I then dove into ROTNS when I watched their video catalog on YouTube. Instantly my mind was blown with their brutal breakdowns, in your ear sound that was flawless and clear with every distortion and the lyrical content was very inspirational using tales of respect, honor and integrity in carving your own path in life. Then came their EP Demonstrating My Sayan Style and the epic debut LP Welcame. Their sound and style was a punch in the face I haven’t felt from a band in decades. Not long after The Legacy Of Shi was announced and released and is just as great of an album. More importantly ROTNS has captured my 13 year old son who is now starting to discover underground metal artists after becoming a huge fan of the band which is a memory and right of passage that will never be forgotten. If it wasn’t for ROTNS I would not be writing this blog.

New album "THE LEGACY OF SHI" out now. ✩

ROTN / "NEKKETSU" - 2018(c).

3. Dawn Of Demise

Dawn Of Demise brought me back into the Death Metal and Deathcore scene. With their heavy and at times technical riffs and one of the deepest growls I have heard in some time, it restored faith as I have found so many other great modern bands and artists in this genre since rediscovering DoD. Bands like Hanging The Nihlist, Mara and Cariosus. As an old school metalhead, it’s refreshing to come back and see the music evolve the way that it has as the Barnes Era of Death Metal now inspires the new breed in the shadows. I am sure with Dawn Of Demise’s history, they are a welcome influence as well.

Dawn of Demise - 'Rejoice In Vengeance' official video from the upcoming album 'Rejoice In Vengeance' - out on Unique Leader Records June 19th 2012. The video was created by Hans Asmussen ( Video uploaded April 9th 2012.

4. Church Of The Cosmic Skull

Church Of The Cosmic Skull is one of those bands that a year ago i thought I would ever listen to. When I came across their video for “Evil In Your Eye” and then “Cold Sweat” I was hooked. I have been a strong supporter of the church ever since. They have a flawless presentation as they have become the definition of Psychedelic/Cult Rock. With a heavy influence of late 60’s early 70’s rock era along with the melodic harmony of the vocals from front-man Brother Bill’s spitting image of Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynet to the array of female backup singers. All arranged pitch perfect. Add some wicked organ playing and this turns into a time machine back to a time when mind expansion was incorporated into the music. Jim Morrison and Lou Reed would be proud of this effort. Also because of this band and Windhand, I have a renewed love for not only this niche sub-genre, but doom and sludge as well. I should only hope to see the church make a select theater US tour in 2019. It would be worth going to Atlanta for! If you have seen their shows, it is a special event.

Full album 'Is Satan Real?' streaming and available on Limited Edition Vinyl, CD and Digital, direct from the Church at:

Join us. We love you.

"★★★★" - MOJO "One of the finest rock records of 2016" - Louder Than War "Church of the Cosmic Skull have thrown the doors open with this debut full-length…”

5. Windhand

With the release of Eternal Return, Windhand dominated the Doom Metal scene throughout 20 18. With a US tour behind them and a small scale tour in Europe early in 2019, it is interesting to see where Windhand goes from there. Windhand is a great torch bearer for the old school grunge and fuzz sound that is reminiscent of the Seattle Grunge era before it became mainstream with a little Sabbath mixed in the riffs. Add the fitting vocals of Dorthia Catrell and you have what is now a staple name in Doom Metal/Sludge. Thanks to Windhand, I have found an endless supply of Black/Doom Metal such as Satan’s Satyrs, Goatwhore, The Oath, and so on. So this year marks a renewed passion for the Doom Metal scene which seems to be getting bigger by the day.

Order 'Eternal Return' Here:

Digital Downloads/Streaming:

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CREDITS: "Red Cloud" by Windhand Courtesy of Relapse Records © 2018 Directed, Edited & Animated by Zev Deans Produced by Brendan McGowan Starring Leslie Barany as The Warlock Courtney Halford as The Scarlet Woman Johnny Scuotto as Igor SFX/Blood .

So there you have it. Hopefully you learned a little bit about the inspiration and passion behind Metalhead World as we roll into 2019. While this site is only a few months in, by this time next year it will be so much more!

What do you think? What are your 5 bands of 2018?

Let us know in the comments below!

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