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A Tribute To "Porno Witch" Mary Millington by Devil's Witches

Before Larry Flint and John Holmes and a slew of other vintage names that built the porn industry, there was Mary Millington who was not only an actress, but an advocate who fought for free expression up until her untimely death. Her cause and outgoing personality still inspire people to this day. With a new single “Porno Witch”, just released on the anniversary of her death, the band Devil’s Witches gave us a fitting tribute to one of the true pioneers of adult entertainment.

Metalhead Arts Project: Keith [England]


When you think the word “art”, many instantly think paintings, drawings, music, maybe even album art. But England’s Keith Thompson, owner and one man business For The Fly leather wear, expresses himself by modifying leather jackets and the like for well paying customers. No piece is the same and he can make your gear fit your personality. With the utmost kindness and professionalism, Keith is a very open minded person to work with.

Keith and I decided to share a virtual morning cup of coffee and I asked him about his music tastes, goals and the conceptual process of his work in regards to his For The Fly brand.

Metalhead Arts Project: Julia [Eastern Europe]

"A pastime in Eastern Europe for some people is spending days doing what is called “Urbexing”, or “Urban Exploring”. For example, visiting long abandoned places. Through these places, a young and aspiring Metalhead photographer carries on this pastime documenting her time there.

We sat down and spoke with Julia, who photographs these abandoned places, capturing the energy left behind through her own lens of dark image visualization."