Cariosus Breaks Their Silence: A MHW Exclusive Interview

Cariosus Breaks Their Silence: A MHW Exclusive Interview

After 2 crushing EP’s and a very well done video for “Reconciliation of the Anima” earlier this year, Death Metal up and comers Cariosus went silent for a little while. Recently, the band announced that they have entered the studio to record a new album and decided to grant Metalhead World an exclusive update on what has been going on behind the scenes, what the future holds, and more!

So what exactly has Cariosus been up to?

MHW: Thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your new album. How has the ride for Cariosus been so far with 2 crushing EPs?

Thanks, man. It’s been a journey for sure. The EP’s have been a way of developing our sound for the sake of the first full length album being a more cohesive, mature product. Now having received such an overwhelmingly positive response, we feel like we can put out this new album with confidence in the fact that it will be both what us and our audience have been hoping for.

MHW: In talking earlier, you discussed that the band has been undergoing some changes behind the scenes. Could you please elaborate?

Cariosus: The biggest change has been the departure of our drummer and second guitarist. Cariosus has returned to its original state with just Adam (guitar) and Alex (vocals). Despite being a two piece the writing/recording process has moved along nicely. After we release the album, we will be re-establishing a full lineup for live shows.

MHW: With all these changes happening, how will this album differ from previous works?

Cariosus: The core Cariosus sound will be fully in tact, only more developed. This album will demonstrate the growth of the sound we pioneered on our two EP’s.

Adam and Alex of Cariosus are at the helm and ready to take the scene by storm!

Adam and Alex of Cariosus are at the helm and ready to take the scene by storm!

MHW: What type of musical and lyrical influences are you bringing to the table this time around?

Cariosus: In terms of instrumentation, we stay heavily focused on our usual melodic riffing and dynamic song structures, only this time around the sound has taken much more of a Black Metal influence.

As for lyrics, this album explores more deeply the introspective/psychological themes that we have had in the past, beginning now to focus more on the significance of that in the context of society as a whole. The spirit of this album is the exploration and maturation of the individual psyche and the consequences it holds for humanity at large.

MHW: Sounds really interesting. Is there an album name yet? Any window for release?

Cariosus: There is a title, although we’ll wait to put it out there until after the album is 100% completed. The release will most likely be mid-2019.

MHW: Will there be any kind of tour in support of the new album?

Cariosus: Once we re-establish a full lineup there will definitely be shows in the “Chicagoland” area, however a tour will likely have to wait.

MHW: Where do you see Cariosus in 5 years? Will this album be a representational step in that direction?

In five years’ time we expect to be a fully established touring band with a number of releases under our belt. You could say that we’re playing “the long game” with this project, meaning that through the growth of our art and fan base over the years (mostly thanks to the internet) we will eventually get to the point where Cariosus is self-sustaining and well known. This album is absolutely going to represent that, as we will then have a product we can truly stand behind and market prolifically.

MHW: There’s nothing wrong with taking things slow and organic, not to mention gaining a more intimate and genuine following as that seems like a sound plan. Now, for our guitar and drum enthusiasts, what type of gear are you using in recording the album?

Cariosus: Unfortunately, that is going to remain a trade secret

MHW: Denied! Well, thanks again for taking the time to conduct this interview and giving us a heads up! Anything else you guys would like to add?

Cariosus: It’s been our pleasure! We appreciate what you do for the metal scene through interviews like this!

You can purchase Cariosus’s EPs and merchandise and find more information about the band here. Cariosus’s prior releases “Crime & Punishment” and “Saturnine Depths”is also available for streaming. Check your music streaming service such as YouTube Music, Spotify or Itunes. Find Cariosus on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


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Metal Music Release Friday: November 16th, 2018

Metal Music Release Friday: November 16th, 2018

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