Exclusive Interview with 1782

Exclusive Interview with 1782

1782 recently released their first self-titled full length album after a very fast track rise to notoriety in the Doom Metal scene stemming from their single “She Was A Witch”. Brian Hopson caught up with Marco Nieddu to discuss the new album, their goals [and gear!], the possibility of a tour and more!

MHW: Congrats on the release of your self titled debut and your successes getting 1782 to this point! Since the single "She Was A Witch", you have been on a fast track journey in the past 6 months that included a deal with Heavy Psych Sounds Records which resulted in your debut album and a couple more singles. What do you personally think of the fast tracked success of 1782?

1782: Hi Brian, thank you so much!!! To tell the truth, we did not expect all this success. We are happy that the album is going well. For us, it is a great satisfaction. Heavy Psych Sounds helped us a lot to promote our music and they are doing a great job.

MHW: It's mentioned that your album is about "...macabre themes: from spells to ruthless torture, from the pleasure of sex to the most perfidious revenge."

Could you expand a little on some of the lyrical content covered on the album?

1782: Exactly, the album deals with macabre themes. I tried to best describe the feelings felt by some characters in particular situations such as the pleasure of sex between a young virgin and a dark creature in“Night Of Draculia”, anguish and fear of a woman about to be sentenced to death for witchcraft in “Black Sunday”. We find the theme of revenge in "Oh Mary", where I tell the story of a young girl who really existed in Sardinia who died from a suicide, just to come back to feed on the children of the women who had humiliated her when she was alive.

While I was writing the lyrics, my intent was just to be able to get the listeners into the story itself and let them experience the same feelings as the characters, such as sounds, smells and emotions.

MHW: In producing a more finalized version of the track ”She Was A Witch”, you involved renowned Psychedelic/Doom Metal musician Gabriele Fiorni from Black Rainbows. What was that experience like?

1782: We already had in mind to have a guest in “She Was A Witch” and Gabriele Fiorni was the first guitarist we thought of. We really like how he plays so we didn’t think twice! In fact, he did a good job. He’s a great guitarist and above all, a great friend.

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MHW: 1782 has a very dark yet innovative sound. In writing the music for the album, how did you expand your musical influences beyond Sabbath?

1782: In reality Black Sabbath is the band that binds me [Marco] and Gabriele [Fancellu], but the truth is that we listen to two different Doom styles. Gabriele listens to old school Doom such as "Pentagram" and "Candlemass", I instead listen to the Doom branch tending to the Stoner such as "Electric Wizard" and "Sleep". So we can say that what we do with 1782 came out thanks to two different Doom styles.

MHW: What was the production process like being in the studio?

1782: The studio process was highly sought after, our friend and sound engineer, Alfredo Carboni, took care of miking, mixing and mastering, he worked hard to get the sound we had in mind, we tried everything, such as the position of the microphones and the position of the amplifiers, he has endured us for several days above all at unpleasant times [laughs].

MHW: For the gear heads out there, can you fill us in on what type of gear you use to get your sound?

1782: I usually use an Orange P.A. 120W from the 70’s. To record the album instead I used an Orange OB1-500 bass head, and yes, I recorded the guitar with a bass head.

As for the pedal effects, I really have very little stuff, a Russian Big Muff, a Fulltone OCD clone, a custom delay and a modified Wah Wah Vox.

Oh I forgot ... obviously my Epiphone SG G-400 custom!

MHW: Any plans for a tour of some sort in support of the album?

1782: For the moment I can tell you about the dates we announced, we will play June 26th here in Sardinia with "Glitter Wizard" (another killer Heavy Psych Sounds band), and in December at the Heavy Psych Sounds Fest Germany with Monolord, The Sonic Dawn, Gorilla, Giobia, Wedge and other fantastic bands that will be announced soon!

Regarding a “real” tour, we have everything in the cauldron. I can just say that yes, there will be a tour to take the album around some nations!

MHW: What is your one current goal with 1782?

1782: Our goal is surely to bring our music all over the world, so if you want us in your city you simply need to contact us, we will be very happy to make you blow your ears !!!

Another important goal that we care a lot about is to grow as much as possible, we are of the opinion that you never stop learning new things and living new experiences, good or bad!

MHW: Is there anything else you would like to add?

1782: Only one... DOOM!

MHW: We thank you for taking the time to speak with us! We also wish you well on your journey forward with 1782

1782: Thanks so much to you and all the staff! Again, congratulations for what you do!

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