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Metalhead World is always looking out for contributing writers that share the same passion for Metal music, and the Metalhead/Occult culture regardless of education. Go to the "Contact Us” page or email us at if you have an idea or piece you would like to add!

Freelance Music Writers:

  • Reviews

    Review submissions must be in format to other reviews on the site. Three blurb sections. [About the band, The details of the album, and The Verdict which is your honest opinion}. Please try to be respective of the creators being reviewed.

  • Interviews:

    Written interviews with various bands from across the genre spectrum.

  • Editorials

    Written opinion pieces discussing current events and topics within the scene. Tributes are also kindly accepted.

  • General Topics related to Metal music and sub-culture.

  • If you are a musician and want to submit an article, we are more than accepting!

  • We are also accepting image gallery submissions from live shows as well as original video content.

    Email us at or Contact Us for more details!


Occult Blog

  • Any articles from freelancers that discusses various topics of the occult. Whether it be historical, anecdotal, tips and tricks, workings, etc.

    We encourage writers who have an interest in witchcraft, dark arts, alternative religions, and other things of dark nature to participate!

  • Dark Art galleries

    Artists and bloggers are encouraged to contribute a gallery to be seen on an international level.


Does Metal music influence aspects of your daily life such as athletics, fitness, career, or anything else? Want to share this with Metalhead World and possibly be featured?

Please send all submissions to our email at contact@metalheadworld or go to the “Contact Us” page and fill out the form!

No experience necessary. We don’t judge. All submissions are currently on a “Post For Promotion” basis. Must be 18 or older.

Any other questions or comments, please email us at or CONTACT US!